Learn how RapidDDQ helps make managing, tracking and responding to due diligence questionnaires quicker, easier and pain-free.

Why use RapidDDQ?

Slash the time and effort required to respond to DDQs

Responding to due diligence takes time, effort and money. RapidDDQ streamlines the response process and eliminates repetition - allowing you to focus on more meaningful activities.

Enhance Collaboration

Work together to organise your DDQ content

RapidDDQ enhances collaboration between subject matter experts, legal, and management teams, and eliminates boundaries in the workplace. Organise your DDQ teams in meaningful ways and tailor the workflow to suit the needs of your organisation.

Grow your knowledge

Track progress as your data inventory evolves

Draw on your own experience and allow it to evolve. RapidDDQ allows you to easily look to the past to enable you to pre-empt your future responses.

“Being able to tighten the feedback loop between our content editors and our legal approval team shortens our response time and deadline pressure dramatically”

Chief Security Officer, Fintech company (private beta tester)

“Previously we tried to track our responses in a knowledge library built with Post-it notes and Excel spreadsheets. That was so painful, this is so much better ”

Manager, Asset management firm (private beta tester)

“We were stuck paying a 3rd party to compile our response content, from material we had written, mostly from our own website! This lets us leverage our existing knowlege and cut out the middle man”

CFO, Private investment company (private beta tester)

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